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Roulette Chat is a free video social network where you can chat with friends and random strangers from around the world. Spin the wheel to see who your next random chat partner will be, or invite anyone you know by email. If you see someone you like "Kiss" them, and they'll get 2 points. If they impress you in any way, "Praise" them for 1 point. If you see someone with a lot of points, you know they are worth chatting with. If you really like someone, add them to your Friends list.

You can select or type any name into the room menu to see random users in that room shown on the wheel. If you are already chatting with someone and another person tries to connect to you, you will see an invite from them pop up below your video screen. If you do not want others to see your location on the map, simply check the "Hide My Location" box below your partner's video screen.

Roulette Chat works with any Flash enabled web browser without downloading or installing any software. Have fun!


  • · Free private peer to peer video, audio, and text chat.
  • · Works on any Flash enabled web browser.
  • · Roulette wheel displays up to 5 random users at a time with thumbnail snapshots.
  • · Unlimited chatrooms which can be created and entered instantly.
  • · Ability to invite users by email.
  • · Ability to see chat partners' location on the map.
  • · Ability to add users to friends list.
  • · Ability to receive unlimited invites from other users while chatting.
  • · Ability to search users by user name.
  • · Ability to give and earn points.
  • · Ability to block users.
  • · Ability to hide location on the map.
  • · Ability to take snapshots.
  • · Ability to enlarge chat partner video screen.
  • · Do not disturb mode for total privacy.
  • · No registration necessary to enter chat.
  • · Reserved user name for registered users.
  • · Free custom embed codes for 3rd party websites.

Free Roulette Chat For Your Website

Roulette Chat can be embedded into any website for free in a matter of seconds, with no hardware, software, programming, or technical skills required. Just generate your custom embed code, and paste it into your website wherever you want it. That's all there is to it!

Reporting Abuse

If you see a user or website using Roulete Chat in an unlawful or abusive manner, please click here to report it to us as soon as possible. You can also click on the "Report Abuse" button from inside Roulette Chat.

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